Compilations and Others
artist: 유희열 외
title: A Walk Around The Corner/EMI KOREA/2002.11
track: 08. Coming At Me To Disco - Clazziquai
artist: V.A
title: 좋은사람O.S.T(MBC 드라마)/Seoul Records/2003.09
track: 08. Play Girl - Clazziquai
artist: Loveholic
title: (RE : ALL)F.L.O.R.I.S.T/Fluxus Inc/2003.10
track: 04. 놀러와(House remix)
artist: V.A.
title: 흥부네박터졌네 O.S.T/Fluxus Inc/2004.3
track: 03. 별의 바다로(수진테마Ⅲ)
artist: Epik High
title: High Society/EMI KOREA/2004.7
track: 13. 혼자라도 feat. Clazziquai
artist: V.A
title: ’LUXURY’ best hit lounge/avex inc/2004.12/Japan
track: 05. Stepping out(Luxury edit) - Clazziquai project
artist: V.A
title: MTV Music Compilation THAT’ S COMPILATION Vol.2/avex inc/2005.03/Japan
track: 02. Sweety - Clazziquai project
artist: 윤종신
title: Behind The Smile/T entertainment/2005.4
track: 02. 오늘의 날씨 feat. Clazziquai
artist: V.A
title: 내이름은김삼순O.S.T/UNIVERSAL MUSIC KOREA/2005.6
track: 02. Be My Love - Clazziquai feat. 이승열
        03. She Is - Alex(Clazziquai) feat. 호란(Clazziquai)
artist: 이승철
title: A walk to remember/Rui Entertainment/2005.6
track: 12. 축복합니다
artist: Buga Kingz
title: The Renaissance/T entertainment/2005.7
track: 14. 마음이 눈뜰 때 feat.호란(Clazziquai)
track: 23. Stepping Out (From The Concert) - Performed By Clazziquai
        03. Super Live Concert - Clazziquai (DVD 中)
artist: Epik High
title: Swan Songs/CJ Music/2005.10
track: 08. 이별, 만남... 그 중점에서 feat. Clazziquai
artist: V.A
title: Full House/Sweet Love/avex Taiwan/2005.09
track: 02. Novabossa
        09. Gentle rain
        11. Sweety
artist: m-flo
title: Dope Space Nine/avex inc/2005.11/Japan
track: 02. So Exclusive(Clazziquai Project Remix) - Sowelu
artist: 이기찬
title: para ti/ 만월당/2005.11
track: 05. 너에게로 날다 feat. 알렉스
artist: Fantastic Plastic Machine
title: Imaginations/avex inc./2006.3/Japan
track: 03. Don't you know? feat. Clazziquai Project
artist: 이수(2soo)
title: vote for insane boy /DREAMBEAT/2006.3
track: 09. 욕심일까 feat. 호란
artist: V.A
title: ULTRA ZIP BEST ‘ZIPPIE ANNIVERSARY’/avex inc/2006.03/Japan
track: 07.Sweety(English version)
track: 08.Fill this night(English version)
artist: 015B
title: Lucky7/만월당/2006.8
track: 05.성냥팔이 소녀 feat. 호란
artist: 박기영
title: Bohemian/Seoul records/2006.9
track: 11. I'll Never Cry feat. Alex
artist: V.A.
title: 옛사랑 : the story of musicians/Seoul records/2006.9
track: 04.애수
artist: 알렉스&지선
title: 각인(刻人)/Fluxus Inc./ 2006.9
track: 01. 너무 아픈 이말 feat. 지선
        02. 사랑해 feat. 알렉스
artist: Dave Koz
title: At the movies(Korean special edition)/EMI Korea/2007.2
track: 15. 사랑밖에 난 몰라 (너는 내 운명) feat. 호란
artist: 라임버스
title: Get on the bus/CJ Music/2007.2
track: 08.독백 feat. 호란&알렉스 '
artist: MC스나이퍼
title: How bad do U want it/Pony canyon/2007.3
track: 06. 문을 열어 문으로 feat. 호란
artist: m-flo
title: Cosmicolor/avex inc/2007.3/Japan
track: 11. Love Me After 12AM with Alex Of Clazziquai Project
artist : FreeTEMPO
title: Harmony/Clear sound/2007.02/Japan
track: 03. Harmony feat.alex
title: 케세라세라 O.S.T (MBC 드라마)/Seoul Records/2007.04
track: 04. Night Time feat.Alex(Clazziquai)
        09. 눈부신 날들 feat.호란(Clazziquai)